The fresh adultery of your Chorotega woman was punished which have an excellent reprimand, really serious corporal punishment and expulsion regarding home

Their particular family members insulted and you may neglected their unique, additionally the neighborhood regarded as their once the an impure, vilkaista web-site being unfaithful and you can shameless woman (Quesada Lypez-Calleja, 1980: 242). However, when the people distinguished rites of purification otherwise cumulative catharsis often with drunkenness, individual give up and you can ritual anthropophagy (Arellano, 1997, I: 27; Chapman, 1974: 56-61; Ferrero Acosta, 2000: 128, 133), a wedded lady, also regarding highest score, have sexual affairs that have anyone who she wished or paid back her, as opposed to scenes of envy or punishment getting shown later on (Lypez de Gymara, 1965, I: 354; Quesada Lypez-Calleja, 1980: 242; Ferrero Acosta, 2000: 125).

Possibly, she also enjoyed deeper sexual freedom than the Chorotega lady, because sets of the latest Advanced Town didn’t seem to give importance

The fresh new people’s bigamy is actually penalized having death of assets and you can banishment, and his legal spouse you can expect to reist. In the event the there had been, she could not get married again, in case she took proper care of the youngsters, she preferred new bigamist’s assets. A lady whom knowingly partnered a married people shed the her assets on advantageous asset of a legal partner (Arellano, 1997, I: 23; Chapman, 1974: 47; Ferrero Acosta, 2000: 125; Guerrero & Soriano, 1982: 57; Quesada Lypez-Calleja, 1980: 242).

On Intermediate Urban area the brand new kinship are always matrilineal. Violators of the code were hidden real time (Gabb, 1978: 115). Concurrently, agnatic kinship wasn’t acknowledged and therefore carnal treatment ranging from a couple of persons bound by only patrilineal connections are irrelevant. There’s along with a good uxorilocal household program, which is, the man must go to real time at household from their in the-rules (Castro & Tosi, 1975: 65; Ferrero Acosta, 1988: 63) and you can contribute by the its labor toward preferred sustenance of its this new friends; thus that have daughters have been believed useful, while it try identified your men, up on ily (Gabb, 1978: 114). In case there is illness, the brand new spouse must go back to their parents, however problems is sore or survived too-long, or if perhaps the person is sluggish, this new wife won’t face it once again (Ferrero Acosta, 1988: 63).

About Intermediate Urban area truth be told there appears to have succeeded a system off syndiasmic relationship partnership, which is, volunteer and informal, and this can be dissolved very easily, though some groups have kinds of monogamous : 210). Polygamy, as among the Nicoyans, is usually reserved to possess leaders plus the top strata regarding community, although most other sectors together with skilled they: throughout the last half of 19th century, one of many indigenous categories of Talamanca lots of men had one or two otherwise far more female, while the plurality out of spouses is at the option of the brand new spouse (Ferrero Acosta, 2000: 209-210; Gabb, 1978: 113). While doing so, in certain groups there can be a customized out of marrying an early on girl to a teen, making sure that she would end up being brought up which have him before moment of consummation of your own commitment (Fernandez Guardia, 1975: 155). Polyandry may also exist in certain teams (Brick, 1993: 63).

Term ur betsuk utilized now in the bribri words to help you specify matrimony, which virtually mode united hands, gets a sense of how effortless the brand new service might have been, whenever discover specific (Brick, 1993: 61-63, 75-91). 24 hours later, immediately following telling their own husband, the mother told the new suitor in the future and you will live with them while the marriage are felt finished (Bozzoli de Wille, 1978: 229-240).

An excellent Italian language missionary reported that, even at the beginning of this new twentieth century, an effective ong the fresh bribri, but in that mom of your own fiance starred an important character, due to the fact she is actually anyone so you can exactly who the new suitor told me their purposes and you may which decided whether or not the connection are much easier

Such as most other countries, about Advanced Area of Costa Rica hitched female could have the same or even higher position on friends than just their husbands.