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Life is busy in China, and for many, trying to find love, romance or a relationship amid the hustle can be a challenge. If so, now’s as good a time as any to try online dating in China. In a country where almost everyone has a smartphone, your chances of finding ‘the one’ online are quite good. So, put your stigmas away and embrace the world of cyber dating with Chinese characteristics. Photo: Santeri Viinamaki

The fresh new profiles

Asia is a big country with quite a few societies, and the people that big date online are just since the ranged. You will find a variety of foreigners, vacationer, companies, Chinese people who possess learned abroad, Chinese people who have never leftover Asia, and each style of member of anywhere between. Overall, internet dating is for individuals who need the genuine convenience of fulfilling anyone without the inconvenience of getting commit away and socialise from day to night, endlessly waiting around for the right choice to walk into the a bar. If you have signed up for a dating software, you really have a work. That goal might are very different somewhat regarding personal references, however, everyone, founded entirely on what new apps can handle, would like to affect anybody else. The trick is finding someone who wants to hook within same level you do.

Brand new applications

Each matchmaking app areas in itself as a standard version of matchmaking app, but we understand it is not true. Each one of these features a personality, a type of user and you can a standard means of explore. Thus why don’t we discuss the most common dating programs utilized when you look at the Asia.


Associate ft – foreign men and women; Chinese men and women with good English, access to a VPN and have most likely studied abroad. Goal – Tinder was initially marketed as the “hook-up” app, and it still may be, but in general, it’s now used to connect with someone online, take them on a date and go from there. Most female profiles will say “No one-night stands, not interested in hook-ups”. Most male profiles won’t specify – go figure! Setting – Swipe left (no) or right (yes), solely based on a person’s pictures. You’ll get a notification when someone you right-swiped swipes right on you. There’s a profile section limited to 200 characters but, let’s be honest, who reads those?

Okay Cupid:

Affiliate feet – foreign men and women; Chinese men and Chinese women with good English and access to a VPN Purpose – OK Cupid seems to be a more ‘wholesome’ app, for those looking to settle down and get into a committed relationship. Function – Unlike Tinder, OKC gives you a match percentage based on how similar two people’s profiles are. Maybe an algorithm can bring two people together, maybe it can’t. You’ll just have to give it a go.


Representative legs – Younger Chinese girls and guys; foreign guys; maybe one or two foreign girls Purpose – To meet people for a date. However, in my experience, it’s mostly an app for bored Chinese girls who want to chat with guys and nothing more. Be prepared for many Chinese girls to be, well, very Chinese. 95 percent of profiles include at least one picture with some kind of puppy filter, and 80 percent of profiles are entirely in Chinese. Most girls on Tantan don’t speak good English and are seemingly more interested in how many ‘likes’ they get than actually dating. Function – Tantan works mainly via a location-based service by matching you with someone who’s been to the same places as you and has tagged similar interests and hobbies. Honorable mentions – Momo, Coffee Meets Bagel, Skout and Bumble