D. Salinger produced towards items in the brand new Glass medicine cupboard

The brand new matron out of honor divulges all the information you to definitely she has in the past gained about bride’s mom (who has got consulted this lady psychiatrist) you to definitely Seymour was schizoid and you may, probably, a latent gay

/. Plus the bodily details aren’t a lot of baggage but practical, per object extract its own weight. A major example are Zooey’s cigar, and that functions as material and you can generous ballast both so you’re able to their slight build and also to their esoteric inclinations out-of think: his cigar possess Zooey grounded. Are you aware that profundity, such later on tales talk about less brand new phoniness of the globe and the mind (while the Catcher performed) however the other side of money, the sources of insight and you can stability that allow an individual so you can be prepared for themselves and also the world. No matter if almost any skills the new courses has should be, sooner, caused by Salinger, when he possess dramatized they from the Cups, discover higher fool around with generated through the of what can getting titled supplementary supply; both such instructions look like understanding listings for programmes when you look at the relative faith, or spiders to possess spiritual encyclopedias. He and you can Seymour, Pal’s letter so you can Zooey suggests, wanted Franny and you will Zooey «understand exactly who and you may just what Goodness and you may Gautama and you will Lao-tse and you will Shankaracharya and you will Hui-neng and you will Sri Ramakrishna» was indeed just before finding out «excessive» on the Homer, Shakespeare, Blake, or Whitman. Naturally this method isn’t new to Salinger, but don’t ahead of did it appear to threaten story or displace theme. Still, on his most readily useful Salinger tends to make this point useful, using into the people crisis he could be depicting. Buddy claims in his prologue so you’re able to «Zooey»: «I say that my latest giving isn’t really a strange tale, otherwise a religiously mystifying tale, at all. / say it’s a material, or multiple, love story, pure and you can challenging.» Salinger’s later on functions really should not be see due to the fact spiritual tracts, it doesn’t matter what enticing the new studying listing make like an interpretation. Zooey himself reveals this new huge range splitting up frigid weather posted terminology of the sages, not wise, plus the warm human act out-of real, respiration involvement with some body as he converts away from thirty five

The newest narrator Friend try a college teacher which lectures to the faculty once a week into Zen and you can Mahayana Buddhism

Seymour’s bulletin panel off miscellaneous wisdom to tell Franny regarding the Pounds Women in addition to flies. On two tales away from Raise Higher the fresh Roof Beam, Carpenters; and you can Seymour: An intro, Friend Cup remains the narrator throughout, and you will unlike suppressing himself, such as «Zooey,» tends usually in order to become his very own main character. During the «Boost High» Friend is an excellent soldier on leave to attend his brother’s marriage in New york in the 1942, however, Seymour doesn’t appear. The new bride, Muriel, was left wishing in the church, so you can everybody’s horror, but things are generated right when Seymour after elopes along with her. The story itself is worried, therefore, not so much into relationships as with new reaction of numerous people, and additionally Buddy, in order to Seymour’s uncommon choices. Just after an extended waiting within chapel, and following the fiance provides remaining along with her moms and dads, Buddy becomes stuck from inside the an effective taxicab with the bride’s matron off award along with her lieutenant husband, with a brother of bride, along with a tiny deafmute which happens to be the brand new bride’s father’s cousin. Brand new taxicab becomes trapped by a parade additionally the discussion on the Seymour lurches and you may languishes, taking up new way life if the naturally upset matron from honor discovers that Pal is a brother of one’s groom. As he was a guy, the fresh matron from honor applies which includes enjoy, the guy struck one of several people to your Cup child’s broadcast system, «It’s a wise Man» – brand new strike necessitating 9 stitches when confronted with their, today a well-known actress. If residents of your own taxi fundamentally get-out to locate a cool drink, the place they is actually is actually signed and Pal will bring these to his and Seymour’s nearby apartment, where they ponder along the pictures of your Glass prodigies, take in some hastily concocted Tom Collinses, and you can prod Pal with some intense questions regarding his thirty-six