People generally meet a partner with the expectation of marriage in mind. Marriage remains one of the most important events in one’s lifetime, representing the merging of two families when the woman moves into her husband’s home. It also signifies a couple’s maturity and full transition to social adulthood. Data for this analysis come from the 2000 and 2005 Ethiopia Demographic and Health Surveys. The surveys were conducted by the Central Statistical Authority of Ethiopia and were designed to be nationally representative.

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In any analysis that uses retrospective data on the timing of early life course events, the quality of the data is an issue. In an analysis of World Fertility Survey data, Lesthaeghe et al. (1989) found that older women tend to over-report their age at first marriage. Blanc and Rutenberg (1990) report a similar tendency among older women in the DHS as well as a tendency to over-report age at early births. The errors were of generally greater magnitude in reports of age at marriage and age at first birth; reports of age at first sexual intercourse were typically of higher quality. Gage (1995) also found that older women tended to over-report age at first marriage, particularly in cases in which the first union was informal and of short duration. The presence of these types of reporting error in the data would bias downward estimates of inter-cohort increases in the age at marriage and first birth. In Ethiopia, employment among women is common and includes both wage employment and work on family plots. The relationship between employment and family life cycle follows a u-shaped curve.

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